FOCX Everyday Wallet

One of the world´s smallest smart wallet.

By launching the FOCX Everyday Wallet, we want to bring a change to the world of wallets.

Fast And Clever

A Great Companion

The idea was to make it minimalist and functional while, at the same time, including some technical features and – most importantly – making its owners proud due to the uniqueness of its design.

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FOCX Everyday Wallet

A new kind of wallet.

We are very happy to be able to present the FOCX Everyday Wallet to you. The product we have managed to develop during many a sleepless night and countless trials and errors is making us very proud and we are pretty sure to have found the perfect wallet for a great deal of kickstarters.

The New MNML

Introducing FOCX

The source of our inspiration to create this extraordinary wallet was the admirable and clever fox. The fox is a fast, strong and, as it were, hollywoodlike animal. Moreover, in spite of its predatory tendencies, the fox is just simply cute and sexy. By choosing the FOCX Everyday Wallet, you choose to make an outstanding appearance.

Made In Germany

Made With Love

We are now finally getting started.


Serkan Elbasan


  • Schwöllbogen 7
  • 72555 Metzingen
  • Germany



FOCX Everyday Wallet

is your best companion.

For manufacturing the FOCX Everyday Wallet, we cooperate with companies from Germany only. The wallets are produced by following a thoroughly thought-through manufacturing process including nearly 20 prescribed steps. Every production step has been checked against expert opinion in order to avoid any compromise regarding the shape or the function of our wallets.